Alina L. VLAIC


Language combination
A-B-C: RO – FR – EN

Current position
Managing Director, Aliens Communication

Master of Arts, Conference Interpreter French-English-Romanian, Applied Modern Languages, partnered by the Directorate for Conference Interpreters at the European Commission Brussels, ‘Babes-Bolyai’ University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Letters (2003-2004)
Bachelor of Arts, Translator & Interpreter, French-English-Romanian, specialization: Business and Trade, Applied Modern Languages, ‘Babes-Bolyai’ University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Letters (Class Valedictorian) (1999-2003)
Mihai Eminescu High School, Cluj-Napoca, French bilingual (1989-1999)

Member of a French Amateur Dramatics troupe for 7 years. I also like: drawing, painting, history of art, books (not just SF), photography, games, fashion, perfumes, bowling, swimming, sharing movies and music, dancing; currently self-studying towards many things, such as Japanese, German, database operation, design.

Message for the MEIC students or candidates:
Conference Interpreting can be exciting: it’s intellectually challenging, well-paid, respected as a profession and it involves a great deal of travelling and meeting a variety of people in work and social situations. Some interpreters spend time living and working in another country to gain experience and learn about the culture. The downside being long periods spent in the confines of a booth looking out over a conference or meeting; also, long working hours and travelling – often arriving home late and having to be on the road again early next morning. If you’re fluent in at least 2 of the required foreign languages, topped by an excellent command of your mother tongue; if you are able to maintain intense concentration and think quickly; if you have confidence for speaking in public and can master a clear speaking voice; if you have knowledge of current affairs in Romania and in the world; if you are ready to put your all into studying to become one, then GO FOR IT, be a Conference Interpreter!

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