Revue Internationale d'Études en Langues Modernes Appliquées/ 
International Review of Studies in Applied Modern Languages

Call for Papers and Instructions for Authors 2016    
History of Interpreting - thematic issue 2016

- April 22, 2016 - mock conference, Ce te faci cu limbile străine?

- April 18-21, 2016 Kevin McCarthy (SCIC) – pedagogical assistance.

- April 1, 2016, Peter László-Herbert (EU accredited interpreter, medical doctor) – workshops and lectures on interpreting for the EU institutions, free-lancing and medical terminology.

- January 25, 2016 - mock conference EI VERSUS NOI. Migrantii, (noua) minoritate in Europa? 

- November 24, 2015 - meeting with free-lancers on the local market: Patricia Comanescu, Adina Pop-Coman, Maria Dan, Veronica Tirpea (, Alina Manu. Topics discussed: making contacts, client „education”, contracts, prices, public service interpreting, volunteering.

- November 16-19, 2015, Philippe Vandenbosche (SCIC) – pedagogical assistance.

- October 28, 2015 – (2nd year students) observation at an international conference of veterinary medecine in Cluj. Working languages: English and Russian.

- October 27, 2015, Boris Naimushin (New Bulgarian University, Sofia) – presentation and discussion about interpretation at high-level meetings.

- October 15, 2015, Veronica Macaria Moldovan (Phd in Musicology with a thesis on voice training) - lecture on voice coaching.

- October 15, 2015 - Young Translators and Interpreters in an Europe of Post-Communication. Conference organized by the Department of Applied Modern Languages.

Appel à contributions: Colloque international « Comment peut-on être traducteur/interprète ? »
, Cluj-Napoca, le 11 octobre 2013.

20-21 November 2009: COLLOQUE INTERNATIONAL DE L'ISIT, Paris : « Les pratiques de l'interprétation et l'oralité dans la communication interculturelle »,133-.html

15 May 2009: CAREER DAY !!!
with the presence of Mr Leonard Orban, Commissioner for Multilingualism and Prof Andrei Marga, Rector of the Babes-Bolyai University (presentation, banner, mock-conference)

9 May 2009: Interpreter for a Day at the Commission Open Day

24-25 October 2008: EMCI meeting organized in Cluj in the presence of Olga Cosmidou and Marco Benedetti. Cluj graduates receive the first EMCI Certificates.

15 May 2008: Career Day and mock-conference open to the public

May 2006: Visit of Ann d’Haen Bertier and Persephoni Pouliou on the occasion of the Career Day organized at the Faculty of Letters

19 September – 21 October 2005: Traineeship at the European Parliament – 7 participants from Cluj, Directorate for Interpretation, Brussels

4 may 2004: Career Information Day on Conference Interpreting with the participation of Antony Scott, Persephoni Pouliou, Miguel Gomes

20 November 2003: High level meeting at the Ministry of Education and Research in Bucharest, with the participation of Olga Cosmidou, Marco Benedetti, Patrick Twidle, Antony Scott, Persephoni Poliou

September 2002: an aptitude test is organized for the Cluj Masters in Conference Interpreting first edition

February 2002: first participation to the SCIC-Universities Conference

May 2001: Rodica Baconsky attends exploratory meeting organized by Antony Scott at DG SCIC