Final exam

1. Consecutive interpreting (with notes) from the B and C or C1 and C2 languages into the A language (± 6 min.)
2. Consecutive interpreting (with notes) from the A language into the B language (retour) (± 6 min.). Retour is OPTIONAL.
3. Simultaneous interpreting from the B and C languages into the A language (±10 min.).
4. Simultaneous interpreting from the A language into the B language (retour) (±10 min.). Retour is OPTIONAL.
5. Dissertation: Each student prepares a well documented paper on a topic closely related to the field of interpreting. The papers will include a practical chapter and will be written in the student’s B or C language.

Assessment criteria: overall interpretation/rendering of the main ideas, structure of the target discourse, language quality, attitude, communication with the audience, handling of new subject matters.
- content: no more than one major omission/addition/distortion and/or four minor ones. No straying from the overall structure of the original.
- presentation: no improper posture, likely to negatively impact the outcome; voice quality allowing for a full comprehension of the produced message; no repeatedly improper booth behaviour, likely to negatively affect the comprehension of the produced message. No more than one major language A problem (leading to a significant distortion of the message produced) and/or four minor ones (unlikely to affect the overall comprehension of the message)
Diploma and certificate: if successfully passed, the final assessment or graduation exam leads to the issuing of an MA diploma in Conference Interpreting mentioning the language combination as well as an EMCI Certificate. Should the student fail any of the components of the exam, the degree is not awarded but the student has the possibility to re-sit once during the following exam session (in February or June/July next year). In such a situation, the candidate will have to re-sit all the tests composing the final exam.
Jury: teachers of interpreting classes + 1 SCIC representative + 1 EP representative.
Practical details: Final exams usually span over 2 days and a half: 1 day for the all the consecutives into A, 1 day for the all the simultaneous interpretations into A and half a day for 3rd C languages, retours and the public defence of the dissertation.*
Students are announced the topic and the keywords for each speech 10’ minutes in advance and can prepare in a separate room.