MEIC - Who We Are

Hosted by the Applied Modern Languages Department within the Faculty of Letters the Masters in Conference Interpreting (MIC) was created in 2002 upon the initiative of Mrs Rodica Baconsky with the considerable support of the Interpreting Services of the EU: SCIC and EP. Running for seven years in the format of a one-year program, the MIC has always complied with high quality standards in both teaching and assessment.

Since October 2007, the MIC has become the only Romanian program accepted into the EMCI ( consortium, as a full partner alongside the best 17 interpreting schools throughout Europe. As of October 2008, what was presently the European Masters in Conference Interpreting of Cluj (MEIC) converted to a Bologna-type program, covering 2 years with 4 full semesters of training.

Many of our graduates and staff are active interpreters with the EU institutions either fonctionnaires or freelance but other career opportunities are also open on the local and regional market.